Thursday, September 26, 2013

Abah, This is for you... I LOVE YOU SO MUCH..


Happy Birthday to you
This is your present for this year.. MY CONVOCATION!!!

Abah, I am not the best student as before..
but I'd survived in this area, which you always want me to be..
still not too confident on myself, but I did my best.. for you, ibu and my two lil sisters..
I still need your pray and blessed..although we are not in the same world now..
I am sure that ibu will always pray for me and I always have her blessing..
may our dream and target will be achieved one day..Insyaallah..

You always in my heart..kak ngah's and adik's too..

never thought to be as happy as this
this is your dream, abah

they are my right and left hand
wonderful sisters
special gift

he always act like u, abah
never give up on me
may Allah makes us tied together forever

this is my current life
he is the best daddy
you are the best abah
both of you are important to me

they are my special coursemates
thanks for awesome memories I had with you..

this is my lovesss
always had their shoulder
comforting me when I need
makes me be a better person than before

she is one of my idol
last roommate
proud to have you in my life

thank you ibu and kak ngah
accompany me in the hall
share the sweetest moments

thank you ibu for the fresh flowers
thank you dear for beautiful bouquet of ferero rocher

i love both of you

thanks for your patience towards me

so touched on your remembrance
thank you sis MPDFH

thank you madaha

really not expect
thanks a lot sis baya

never thought at all to have this
thanks a lot #gengbasement

you really makes me touched
and so glad to have you
thank you dear

thank you everybody

last memory on ferry

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  1. tak sempat nak jumpa jian...
    anyway, congratssss!
    kahwin nanti jangan lupa jemput :)